Nause - Waiwash

Band of Indians, Inc.

Mission Statement of the Nause-Waiwash

Pride in preserving our history, enhancing our culture and maintaining our traditions through education; now and for generations to come.

The Nause-Waiwash are continuing to re-establish themselves in the community by rehabilitating a Native American Long House in Dorchester County Maryland. The Long House is located on Greenbrier and Maple Dam roads and was built circa 1870. The tribe is working with state and local officials to get the Long House on the official historical sites list.

Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization. We accept tax deductible charitable contributions in support of our mission. We are currently working on restoring our longhouse and having it placed on the historic register; restoration and upkeep of Wesley Chapel; striving for formal recognition by the State of Maryland; preparing for our annual festival; producing and mailing a monthly newsletter; and many other community projects. Please send us your most generous contribution by check or money order today - at the address below - and join with us to preserve the culture of America's original inhabitants.

Thank you for your support!

The Nause Waiwash band of Indians has a council that is comprised of seven titled positions that have specific duties to the Tribe, and several untitled positions. Traditionally, the Chief, though a part of the council and the leader, does not have voting rights for decisions made among the tribe. They are present as a tiebreaker and a guide for difficult decisions. The Vice Chair is a position close to the chief, in that they have a greater influence of opinion and are often looked toward during the Chief’s absence. The Treasure holds the tribe’s funds and offers advice on maintaining financial stability.

The Secretary is responsible for the recording and distributing of documents within the tribe and public, and acting as an advocate among the public. The Sergeant at Arms is charged with maintaining peace at meetings and gatherings, ensuring that all by-laws and traditions are adhered to, and no discrepancies among member occur. The Youth Advisor is a nonvoting position held by a member 16-21 years of age. They act as a connection to the younger generation, a mentor to prepare and advise the youth on our traditions and expectations. Among these titles are untitled council members that retain the right to vote on decisions.

Council elections are held every four years except for the Chief’s position, as it is a lifetime commitment that can only be voted for by blood members 18 years and older and female. If the nominee accepts the nomination then their name is placed on a ballot to be used during an election spanning two days. Only those who are 18 years or older, a blood member, and are in possession of a membership card may cast a ballot.

If the nominee wins a vote, they retain the right to decline the position or title, which will be passed on to the next nominee with the next highest number of votes. At any time within the four-year term, a member may ask to step down from their position and the seat will be passed to the nominee that had the next highest number of votes in the most recent election If a Chief Election is occurring only women may cast a vote.

Current Council as of 2014

Chief: Donna “Wolf Mother” Abbott

Vice Chair: Steve “Morning Crow” Abbott

Treasurer: Erin Kennedy

Secretary: Katie “Dancing Dove” Lipsius

Sergeant at Arms: Steve “Morning Crow” Abbott

Youth Advisor: Jesse Bartrum

Council Members: