Nause - Waiwash

Band of Indians, Inc.

Upcoming Events

Linchester Mills Student Days, May 10 & 12, 2016 - Prestion, MD

Assateague Powwow, May 21 & 22, 2016 - Pocomoke, MD

Accohannock Powwow, October 15 & 16, 2016 - Marion Station

Maryland Commission on Indian Affairs - Meetings open to the public

Location: Department of Budget Management
45 Calvert Street Room 164 A/B
Annapolis, MD

Late November 2016 - Community Clean-up

Nause Waiwash Tribal Meetings (open to the public)- Call for dates, times and locations.

Past Events

Bake Sale/ Merchandise Sale -

Though considered a fundraiser; the annual bake sale in front of the Cambridge Wal-Mart brings members closer together while offering the public a chance to sample our recipes and items outside of our large September Festival.

Heritage Day -

Usually held at our longhouse, this day is dedicated to celebrating our native heritage and educating the public. We sit under the shade of an old tree and connect again. Stories, skills, crafts and history is traded among those present, while enjoying good food and company. It is a chance for the community to come and learn more about our culture. As the majority of our history is never written, but passed down among the generations, it is the best time to learn from an original resident.

Accohannock Powwow -

Friends of the Nause Waiwash, the Accohannock people have worked to preserve their culture and support the surrounding tribes. Their powwow located in Marion Station, Maryland, is an excellent opportunity to see demonstrations, dancing, food, including their famous oyster sandwiches, and music. They offer a wide variety of vendor items and storytelling so that everyone may learn as they have fun. For more information, please check the Links section for their website.

Assateague Powwow -

Friends of the Nause Waiwash, the Assateague people of Delmarva are a tribe of natives that have strived to maintain their cultural identity while assimilating to modern society. Their powwow, located in Pocomoke City, Maryland is an event for those wanting to learn a culture struggling to survive. They proudly show their heritage through song, dance, food, jewelry, and an assortment of vendors to fit anyone’s tastes. For more information, please visit the Links section and find their website.