Chicone Village Day 2022

Thank you to the Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance for hosting a spectacular event and helping to preserve our native history. The weather was wonderful and the people even more so.  The Nanticoke Historic Preservation Alliance (NHPA) sponsored the 8th Annual Chicone Village Day at Handsell on Saturday, April 30, 2022 at the historic site in Vienna, Dorchester County, Maryland. This special day is designed to honor the history and culture of the Eastern Woodland Native People who inhabited a wide area in the eastern part of the United States including the vastly wooded area of the Delmarva Pennisula. The historic Handsell site includes a replica longhouse, work shelter and garden to celebrate the Native culture that once existed on this Chicone Village site. The Chicone Longhouse is an authentically built replica of a single family dwelling unit, made of natural materials – the first to be built on the Eastern Shore in 200 years. The event is growing with participation from Native groups increasing yearly. Returning this year were, Daniel Firehawk Abbott and the Pocomoke Indian Nation, a long-time supporter of the Chicone Village will feature Chief Norris Howard and his family. Other tribal groups in attendance were: Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians, Philip Goldsborough and the Lenape of Delaware and New Jersey. There was a special exhibit in the Handsell house, curated by Terry Crannell, that featured Native pottery sherds and other artifacts. Thank you, Handsell and the NHPA!

*Please contact the tribal office if you’d like to be identified in a photo, or if you would like to have a photo of yourself removed.

Terry Cranell & White Raven

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Photo credit: Wolf Mother