28th Annual Native American Festival — COVID-19 Update

In spite of the global pandemic, the Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians are moving forward in the planning of our 28th Annual Native American Festival. We realize no one can predict what will be happening in September, however, it is easier to cancel the event at the last minute than it is to plan it at the last minute; as it takes a lot of planning to host an event such as this. We are praying we will not be canceling.
The NWBI is in search of quality vendors. However, there is a certain criteria we are looking for. We are looking for vendors who have quality wares. Vendors who are honest and have good retail ethics. We are looking for items that are related to the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delmarva, Eastern Woodland Indians, Native American, Nature, Natural, Earthy or Indigenous. We are also looking for demonstrators and exhibitors that meet the same criteria. HOWEVER, space is limited and we are looking for a variety of people so we will not be allowing multiple vendors to vend the same merchandise. If you are a vendor, demonstrator or exhibitor and you think you would be a good fit for our event, please reach out. I would love to chat with you. My email is: nausewaiwash@gmail.com. As always,, our festival is scheduled for the 2nd weekend after Labor Day. This year is our 28th year and is September 19th & 20th.
For the last 5 years we have tried very hard to accommodate everyone involved with our festival and meet their needs and wants. That hasn’t worked so well for the tribe. The Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians and this festival are my priorities. As the old saying goes, “you can not please everyone.” With that said, I want to make everyone aware, we are going through a major re-structuring of our event. These changes have been discussed in length and the Council have made many difficult decisions. Please be respectful of these decisions.

As always, the following has not changed:
There is no admission fee for head staff, vendors,
exhibitors, demonstrators
and volunteers.
The grounds and event are handicap friendly.
No animals/pets allowed.
Service animals are welcome.
No drugs, alcohol or attitudes
No electricity available.
Vendors, demonstrators, exhibitors are responsible
for their own tent, table and
Vend Spaces are 20′ X 20′
We are in need of volunteers
We are in need of baked goods that meet the
DCHD requirements.

Please note, the following are changes that will be implemented in 2020. Changes may not be limited to what is published in this PSA and are subject to change.
Our admission fee for visitors and guests has increased
to $7 per person.
The age for free admission has been lowered to age 4
years and under.
We have new head staff and music groups lined up.
New food vendor is in place.
There will be no catered meal for vendors and head staff
after the close of Saturday’s event. Instead, there will
be homemade soups and cold cut sandwiches
available at the festival grounds.
The Security team is in place for additional nights.
Security will not be used for any other purpose other
than what is intended.
Silent auction changes
Changes to our beverages
Once a vendor has been assigned to a space on the
field, there will be no changes.
There is a reason for this. If you have special needs, we
will try to accommodate them. However, we need to
know this 2 weeks before the event.
Live auction changes.

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation and understanding. I look forward to hearing from any potential vendors, demonstrators, exhibitors and volunteers. Pleasant journeys.

Chief Donna Abbott and the
Council of the Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians, Inc.
410-228-0216 (leave message)