State of the Tribe 2021

Greetings All!
We hope everyone is still managing to navigate through this global pandemic. We realize it has been a trying time for everyone. However, with the development of vaccines, there is light at the end of the tunnel. We trust everyone will do what’s best for themselves and their families. In spite of the global panic, the Nause-Waiwash Band of Indians, Inc. are still making every effort to move forward in the growing progress of our community. There is much to update you on. Let’s start with the long house.

As many of you know, we were able to get a new roof installed right before the pandemic shut everything down. Thank you Knox Builders and Tiger Roofing. The grandfather of Oak trees that was standing so majestic in front of the long house has been removed. It was not dead but was dying. We didn’t want to take any chances of it falling on the long house and the new roof. Thank you, Eastern Tree Service. Knox Builders is currently working on composing an estimate for new windows. Though the original windows are satisfactory, new ones will be a lot less maintenance. Every building has some degree of maintenance to contend with, we are trying to get the long house so there is as little maintenance as possible. It’s been a slow process, but rewarding to watch it come together.

On to the pictorial book. Yes, it’s going to happen. We are currently working on our pictorial history and with a little praying, we will have them available for sale at our festival in September 2021.

Speaking of festival, YES! We are moving forward with the planning of our 29th Annual Native American Festival. It is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, September 18 & 19, 2021. Our location is 214 Middle Street, Vienna, MD 21869 at the ball field, under the Water Tower. Thank you Mayor MacFarlane, Vienna Town Commissioners and the town of Vienna. Their hospitality has been most gracious and we are excited to be returning close to our ancestral grounds. So far we have confirmed two drum groups. NaMaWoCHi Drummers and Medicine Horse Drummers and Singers. Spot the Leopard Appaloosa and his girlfriend Pixie Styx will be in attendance. We are excited to have for the first time, special attraction Falconer Eric Werner from Tilghman Island with his Red-Tailed Hawk. Though falconry is not an indigenous sport, our indigenous people hold a high regard to the Red-Tailed Hawk. Welcome, Mr. Werner. Returning this year as our Master of Ceremonies is Bruce McWilliams. We will also continue with a silent auction and a bake table. This year’s event is by no means limited to the content of this letter. There is still a lot in the works and a lot to be confirmed. Beware, there will be some changes. Check out our Facebook page and our website often for updates.

Our social media platforms are growing with leaps and bounds. Thank you Gentle Bear for sharing your computer skills and maintaining our sites.

Our web address is
Our new email address is

If you continue to use Wolf Mother’s personal email, you will still get a response. However, we would appreciate a smooth transition to the new email. Thank you. All our social media platforms are @TheNWBI. We are having another give-away once we reach 1500 followers on Face book. We will be holding a random drawing to give away a queen size plush blanket to the lucky winner. Hint: It will be soon. We’re extremely close. Update: Congratulations! Marina Feeser of Salisbury, MD.

Sadly, the NWBI lost the opportunity to use the training room at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake to hold our in-person meetings. We have arranged to hold our meetings at the Cambridge Elks Lodge 1272 in Cambridge. Thank you, Cambridge Elks Lodge 1272 for your hospitality and Eva Bartrum for facilitating this arrangement.

Casey Hughes has volunteered to take on some of the secretarial responsibilities of the tribe. She will be responding to telephone messages and taking the minutes at the meetings. Thank you, Casey.

Thank you to everyone for your continued dedication and support. It is very much appreciated. We look forward to working together and continuing to move the tribe forward.

Pleasant journeys – Chief Wolf Mother